Apartment renovation | 57 sq.m. | Analipsi area

nikos on October 7, 2018


The apartment is located in a very central part of the city, on Petrou Sondika Street, close to shops, central roads, a short distance from the coastal front, as well as a future metro stop. It is located on the second floor of an urban apartment block of the 1960s and is kept in a very good condition.

The new design was decided to serve modern living needs. The apartment – total area 57 sq.m. – consists of an open-plan living and dining area with a dining room and office with access to a balcony, a kitchen with a special laundry, a bathroom and a bedroom with its own independent balcony.

New electrical and plumbing installations were built in all areas, while in the bedrooms new storage areas were created, serving the needs of the apartment’s functionality.

Mg 1260
Mg 1343
Mg 1331
Mg 1333
Mg 1392
Mg 1255
Mg 1401
Mg 1339
Mg 1272
Mg 1280
Mg 1389
Mg 1345
Mg 1326
Mg 1321
Mg 1369
Mg 1286
Mg 1289
Mg 1360
Mg 1296
Mg 1298
Mg 1301
Mg 1305
Mg 1420
Mg 1425

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