Designing a safe, sustainable and qualitative habitation model.


“Simitsoglou Construction” is based in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, has been active throughout Northern Greece and specializes in the construction of new buildings - residences, shops as well as in the field of renovations. “Simitsoglou Construction” is a second-generation technical construction company with more than 60 projects in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. Its course is characterized by a high aesthetic and technical quality of work, in an effort to successfully meet the needs of even the most demanding client.


The projects’ design is based on the needs of the clients and is studied both in aesthetical and operational terms. In this context, architectural, engineering, static and energy data studies are being developed. The range of studies includes the construction of new buildings as well as renovations.


‘Simitsoglou Construction’ undertakes the renovation of existing and new premises. Interior design is a process tailored to the needs of the customer. These requirements apply to new techniques and materials, after static control of the existing situation, ensuring safety and aesthetics in the new space.


The implementation of the study plans is completed at the construction stage by specialized technicians. Supervision of the projects is the most important activity of the employees, in order to meet the customer's wishes and highest standards. Continuous engagement with the development of the project guarantees the high quality of the result.


‘Simitsoglou Construction’ manages the sale of specific properties. The sale is made with absolute consistency in legal and town planning legislations, respecting both the client and the rules conditioning such a process. For any information, our company's partners are at your disposal.


‘Simitsoglou Construction’, following market developments, has some of its projects for short or long-term lease. The objective is that the property is characterized by a cost that is sustainable for the tenant and of course with the best value for money. For any information our associates are at your disposal.