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Apartment renovation | 65 sq.m. | University area

nikos on April 23, 2019


The apartment is located in a very central area of ​​the city, a few minutes walk from the universities and the city center. It is located on the ground floor of an urban apartment building of the 1960s which is completely independent with its own backyard, giving a sense of privacy in the apartment.

The new design was decided in order to meet the modern living needs. The apartment – occupying 65 sq.m. – consists of an open-plan living-dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms with access to the backyard.

New electrical and plumbing installations were built in all areas, while in the bedrooms new storage rooms were created, serving the needs of the apartment’s functionality.

Mg 8175
Mg 8181
Mg 8186
Mg 8201 (large)
Mg 8276 (large)
Mg 8317 (large)
Mg 8225 (large)
Mg 8183
Mg 8106 (large)
Mg 8114
Mg 8311 (large)
Mg 8238
Mg 8119 (large)
Mg 8142 (large)
Mg 8122
Mg 8135
Mg 8147 (large)
Mg 8171 (large)
Mg 8214 (large)
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