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Apartment renovation | Faliro | 80 sq.m. | 4th floor

nikos on February 5, 2020


This apartment is located on the 4th floor of an urban apartment building of 1960 in the area of ​​Faliro, Thessaloniki, very close to Delphon and Kostantinopoleos streets. The apartment’s structure was designed based on the modern needs of a family urban home.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 80 sq.m. and includes a living room and dining area with frontage to a large balcony, independent kitchen with its own balcony, two bedrooms and bathroom.

The renovation works included the energy upgrade of the apartment. All openings were replaced with new thermal break frames, energy glazing and new electrical – plumbing installations.

Mg 7212 (large)
Mg 7199 (large)
Mg 7204 (large)
Mg 7263 (large)
Mg 7268 (large)
Mg 7279 (large)
Mg 7504 (large)
Mg 7487 (large)
Mg 7257 (large)
Mg 7234 (large)
Mg 7404 (large)
Mg 7250 (large)

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