134 sq.m. penthouse on the 6th floor with parking and storage space134 sq.m. penthouse on the 6th floor with parking and storage space

This is a penthouse on the 6th floor in a building on Agiou Afxentiou Str. in Kalamaria. It features an open plan living room and kitchen area, a master bedroom with individual bathroom, two children’s bedrooms and a bathroom with separate laundry and dryer space.

  • Status: Completed
  • Floor: 6th
  • Location: Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
  • Living area: 134 sq.m.

Building description:

The building is located in a residential area, in the center of Kalamaria, with southwest orientation. The design study adopts modern design lines, making the most of the space available, emphasizing comfort and functionality. Large openings were selected for adequate lighting and ventilation with large balconies accessible from every room in the house.
The energy planning was designed to classify the building as a top energy class. Individual gas boilers (heating, hot water), energy fireplaces, heat-blocking double-glazed windows were installed and a heat-insulating shell was installed throughout the building to minimize thermal losses.
It is a building with respect to the environment and the rules of urban construction in the area, willing to offer a quality of living to the residents, in the beautiful surroundings of this location.


The building is located on Agios Afxentiou street in Krini, near public spaces such as parks, squares and sports grounds, as well as shopping streets in the area. It is close to the coastal front and easily accessible from the city center and the airport.


Upon entrance to the apartment, the tennant meets a seamless kitchen , dining and living room area. What is more, there is a master bedroom with its individual bathroom. Considering the needs of a family, the apartment also has two children’s bedroom and another bathroom with separate laundry and drier space.

Functionality is underlined with the aesthetic diligence of the architectural details, giving an elaborate result. It has interior wooden-shaded frames (subject to buyer’s choice), wooden flooring in the bedrooms, external aluminum window frames with thermal break and double energy glass pane. Additionally, it has a security door with a laminate wood lining with securemme lock with small security key and defender. Balconies are accessible from all rooms, following the need to design rooms with plenty of ventilation and illumination.

The apartment is also equipped with a coloured screen entrance feed, pre-installed solar water heater, satellite dish and internet sockets all over the apartment. A closed circuit camera system (CCTV) throughout the whole building, with installed cameras on the parking area and the building’s entrance offers an additional layer of security to the tennants.

The property is accompanied by a double parking space on the ground floor and a warehouse (15 sq.m.) in the basement of the building, accessible by the elevator.


  • 43 sq.m. open plan kitchen,dining and living room with an energy-efficient fireplace
  • External openings from the living and dining room to a 26 sq.m. balcony, with southwestern orientation
  • Natural light in all rooms
  • Autonomous gas heating system, with condensing technology
  • Pre-installed air-conditioning and alarm system
  • External insulation – 7cm thick thermal face (shell)
  • Energy-efficient fireplace
  • Window frames
  • Choice of custom floor materials is possible, along with custom made kitchen furniture and wardrobes.

Download the floor plan in pdf

Floor plan 6th floor Auxentiou.pdf

1. Σαλόνι 1
1. Σαλόνι 2
1. Σαλόνι 3
1. Σαλόνι 4
Mg 0003
Mg 9900 Xk
1. Σαλόνι 5
Mg 9948
2. Υπνοδωμάτιο 1.1
2. Υπνοδωμάτιο 1.2
Mg 0027
3. Λουτρό 2
3. Λουτρό 3
Mg 0053
2. Υπνοδωμάτιο 2.2
2. Υπνοδωμάτιο 2.1
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 1
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 3
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 7
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 6
Mg 9982
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 5
Mg 9978
4. Σαλοκουζίνα 4
5. Master Bedrom 1
Mg 9879
Mg 9944
Mg 9878
Mg 9709
Mg 9871
5. Master Bedrom 2
Mg 9937
5. Master Bedrom 3
Kalamaria | Apartment | 134 sq.m. | 6th floor
Kalamaria | Apartment | 134 sq.m. | 6th floor
Kalamaria | Apartment | 134 sq.m. | 6th floor

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