Renovated 4th floor apartment with an open plan living room and kitchen area, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom in ‘Ano Toumpa’ area, in a very quiet neighbourhood very close to the stream and the park.

  • Completion: May 2019
  • Floor: 4th
  • Area: Ano Toumpa, Thessaloniki
  • Living area: 96 sq.m.


This specific aparment is located in Ano Toumpa, a very quiet residential area, just a few minutes walk from the stream, the park and ‘Agios Christoforos’ Church. It is on the 4th – and last- floor of an apartment building of the 80s, which is in a very good condition and has an allocated parking slot at the ground floor level (pilotis).

The new design was based on an open plan layout in order to meet the modern needs of a family, while offering a contemporary aesthetic proposition. Covering a total surface of 96 sq.m., the aparment consists of  an open plan kitchen and living area with a front-facing balcony on Pantazidou Street, 3 bedrooms that also face a balcony and a bathroom. The custom furniture in the hallway provides extra storage space as well as a laundry / dryer area.

New electrical and plumbing installations were built in all areas, while in the bedrooms new storage rooms were created, serving the needs of the apartment’s functionality.

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