Apartment renovation | 75 sq.m. | Analipsi area

nikos on November 26, 2018

The aim of the renovation was to create a modern urban apartment that would meet the needs of the owner, while offering a contemporary aesthetic proposition.

The total area of ​​the apartment is 75 sq.m. including  a living room with dining area and kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and two balconies. This space is designed in an open plan layout and is particularly enjoyable as there are large openings with balconies in both the living room and the kitchen.

Both bedrooms have built-in wardrobes, space for a double bed with a bedside tables and have large openings with access to balconies. In the bathroom there is a comfortable shower, built-in toilet bowl and special construction above it for storage space, in addition to the washbasin furniture. In the living-dining area, the floor of wooden parquet in fish-bone was preserved and maintained, separating it from the kitchen area. Correspondingly, in the bedrooms there were chosen tiles in wood style, while in the kitchen area and corridor tiles in the style of white marble. The harmonious composition of colors and materials consists a place of special character and a special atmosphere.

Renovation work included the energy upgrade of the space. All the openings were replaced with new thermal break windows, energy glazing and new electrical and plumbing installations.

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